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Check Out This Realistic Rotting Pear Simulation Made With Houdini & Substance 3D

Maximilien Vert impresses us once again with a new time-lapse-style animation.

Once again, Senior Technical Artist at Adobe Substance 3D Maximilien Vert astonishes us with his 3D simulation skills, presenting a new pearfect animation that looks nearly indistinguishable from those time-lapse YouTube videos the algorithms love to put in your Recommended feed.

Taking a break from his digital leaves while staying true to the topics of nature and decay, the artist has set up a great rotting pear simulation that captivates you with its repulsiveness, evoking both disgust and awe with just how realistic it looks.

True to form, Maximilien utilized a combination of Substance 3D Designer and Houdini to achieve the final result, using the former to create the pear's custom-animated texture and the latter to simulate the oozing liquid. Additionally, the author leveraged Maxon's GPU-accelerated 3D renderer Redshift to handle the rendering tasks.

Earlier, Maximilien also shared a couple of similar decay animations, depicting tree leaves wilting and dying:

And prior to that, the author showcased a highly-realistic animation, depicting a tropical plant leaf covered with raindrops, also made using Houdini and Substance 3D Designer: 

And here are some more of Maximilien's awesome works, you can check out more by clicking this link:

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