Delicious Cooking Platformer Invites You to Magical World

Become a witch and improve your kitchen in Magical Delicacy.

In almost any game, you drink a potion or eat some food to restore health. But where does this food come from? You're about to find out in Magical Delicacy, a cozy cooking platformer with magic spice.

Its developer Skaule calls it a "Metroidvania-inspired wholesome cooking game", and you can see it even from screenshots alone. You play as an aspiring witch supplying a magical town with her dishes using dozens of ingredients.

Image credit: Skaule

"Flora travels to a distant town to fulfill her dream of becoming a proper witch. She opens up shop in Grat, a harbor town built upon cliffs, where adventurers settled to chart an unexplored island full of mystery. As she engages in the town’s thriving economy, she stumbles upon two members of opposing covens. The witch Cassia and the magus Tauno have a lot to teach Flora, but they also know how to use her in their dispute about magical beings."

Image credit: Skaule

Different potions, meals, teas, and pastries require different recipes – ones you already know and those you can invent yourself. Meet the townsfolk and deliver your creations by getting through platformer challenges and try to please them all with your craft.

Image credit: Skaule

Naturally, you can't just stick to a couple of pots and an old spoon to create the best potions, so acquire new tools and upgrade your kitchen to maximize efficiency. Grow some plants and make the house feel like home "if there wouldn’t be this unwanted roommate and a lingering capitalist dread."

Image credit: Skaule

Grow as a witch and, of course, discover secrets in this enchanting adventure.

Magical Delicacy doesn't have a release date yet but it should be out this year. Meanwhile, a demo of the game is available during Steam's Next Fest, so enjoy it and join our 80 Level Talent platform and our Telegram channel, follow us on InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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