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Fully Procedural Morphing Setup Made With Houdini & Blender

Emīls Geršinskis-Ješinskis wows us with a new 3D experiment.

Emīls Geršinskis-Ješinskis, a skilled 3D and VFX Artist whose experiments with Houdini are nothing short of awe-inspiring, continues to amaze us by presenting a new fully-procedural setup achieved with SideFX's flagship procedural 3D software.

This time, the creator leveraged Vellum, Houdini's simulation framework that uses an extended Position Based Dynamics approach to enable the simulation of cloth, hair, soft bodies, balloons, and grains, to create a captivating four-object morph cycle loop that blends seamlessly as each object, representing the four suits of a standard pack of cards, passes the zero location. Besides Houdini, the author also utilized Blender, a free and open-source 3D software, to handle the rendering tasks.

Earlier, Emīls also utilized Vellum to set up an incredibly lifelike cloth sim that could deform in a manner similar to real-life plastic wrap:

And back in February, the creator wowed us with his mind-blowing custom setup that uses Houdini and Fabricio Chamon's Vision and Machine Learning data streamer to analyze video footage, detect the number of fingers being held up, and display the result using particles in Houdini:

We highly encourage you to visit Emīls' LinkedIn page, YouTube channel, and official website to see more of his awesome projects.

And here are some great tutorials that will help you learn more about Houdini's Vellum:

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