Leartes Studios Offers Huge Discounts on Asset Packs & Tutorials

Unity and Unreal Engine developers should hurry up and grab these 50+ packages.

It's time to get creative with these bundles containing over 50 high-quality tutorials and asset packs from Leartes Studios. Just wait until you hear the best part: both Game Maker's Ultravaganzas are available with a huge discount for a limited time. 

The products are great for developers who use Unity, Unreal Engine, and other DCC software and are willing to learn a thing or two from Leartes, Unreal Sensei, and CGDealers. Seasoned artists who want some new props and environments to beautify their scenes will also find a lot of awesome content here.

You can shave even more off the packs' prices with the "UV70" code to get a 70% discount on top. With it, Game Maker's Ultravaganza: Tutorials Edition will cost you $30 instead of $1,099, and the Exclusive bundle will be $99 instead of $2,234.

Image credit: Leartes Studios

Game Maker's Ultravaganza: Tutorials Edition offers:

  1. Bank Building (Unreal Engine)
  2. Burger Restaurant/Cafe Building/Interior [Modular][Unreal Engine]
  3. 1900s Office (Unreal Engine)
  4. Stylized Forest Environment - UE5
  5. Stylized Pirate's Dream Island (Unreal Engine)
  6. SFX Soulslike
  7. Warzone VFX Pack (Unreal Engine)
  8. Playground Equipment VOL.1
  9. Post Apocalyptic Melee Weapons VOL.1
  10. Subway Station Environment (Unity)
  11. Victorian Interior Environment (Unity)
  12. Unreal Engine 5 Level Tutorial 1 (Time lapse tutorial)
  13. Create Auto Landscape Material (UE Tutorial)
  14. Unreal Sensei Lighting Fundamentals ( UE Tutorial )
  15. 3D - Modeling Lowpoly Tree for Mobile Games (Maya & Unity Tutorial)
  16. How to Маке Awesome Cinematics (UE Tutorial)
  17. Medieval Tavern (Unity)

Image credit: Leartes Studios

Game Maker's Ultravaganza Exclusive: Tutorials Edition has:

  1. French Quarter Street Environment (Unreal Engine)
  2. Abandoned Village Environment (Unreal Engine)
  3. Cyberpunk Port City Environment (Unreal Engine)
  4. The Blue Metro 2029 [Post Apocalyptic Metro/Subway Environment][Unreal Engine]
  5. Desert Ruins Environment [Unreal Engine]
  6. Ultimate Level Art Tool
  7. One Two Environment [Unreal Engine]
  8. Stylized Viking Hut (Unreal Engine)
  9. Stylized Mediterranean Courtyard (Unreal Engine)
  10. VFX Explosion (Unreal Engine)
  11. Post Apo Diner SFX
  12. (5) FPS 4K Custom Modern Handguns - VOL.1 (UE)
  13. Playground Equipment VOL.2 (UE)
  14. Police Character / NPC
  15. 1950s Mafia Character / NPC / Rigged
  16. Cyberpunk Street Lights (Unreal Engine)
  17. Hatchback Car Driveable / Animated / Realistic
  18. Driveable / Animated Retro Cyberpunk Hover Car 02
  19. Feudal Japan Warroom Environment(Unity)
  20. Steampunk/Vintage Interior (Unity)
  21. Siege of Ponthus Environment (Unity)
  22. 1970 s New York City Alley ( Unity )
  23. Stylized Cyberpunk Arcade Environment (Unity)
  24. 500+ Fantasy Icons (Unity)
  25. Unreal Sensei Lumen Tutorial (Exclusive UE Tutorial)
  26. Unreal Sensei Lightmass Tutorial (Exclusive UE Tutorial)
  27. Unreal Sensei PathTracing (Exclusive, UE Tutorials)
  28. Blender 3D Masterclass - From Zero To Hero - (Exclusive)
  29. Environment Design Level Tutorial (UE tutorial)
  30. Sci-Fi Environment Level Design (UE tutorial)
  31. Modeling Tutorial 1 (Maya + ZBrush + Substance Painter Game Ready Prop Tutorial )
  32. Create Advanced Water Shader (UE Tutorial)
  33. Asian Canal Environment [Unreal Engine]
  34. Stylized FPS Asian Temple (Unreal Engine)

The offer lasts until March 15. The Exclusive bundle also has a quantity limit of 1,000, so hurry up!

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