Mark Zuckerberg on Vision Pro: "Quest 3 Is the Better Product, Period"

Meta's creator explained why you should buy his device, 7 times cheaper than Apple's.

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Apple released its $3,500 AR headset Vision Pro earlier this month, and many people have already found a way to integrate it into their lives. One of them was Mark Zuckerberg, who tested the device and posted his opinion on Instagram. Well, I think it's more accurate to say he took a chance to promote Meta's Quest 3 because the video turned out to be as unbiased as you expect.

"I don’t just think that Quest is the better value, I think Quest is the better product, period," Zuckerberg said while being filmed by Quest 3's passthrough system. He compared his creation – 7 times cheaper by the way – to Apple's and found it more acceptable in almost every way.

While Vision Pro offers better resolution, Quest has a clearer picture, in Zuckerberg's opinion, and is more comfortable as it's lighter and doesn't have extra wires and a battery. He believes it provides better motion and wider field of view as well as a more immersive content library.

Zuckerberg isn't afraid of some "fanboys" who get upset when someone criticizes Apple's creations, but he admitted that Vision Pro is a great entertainment device and eye tracking is sometimes handy, even though he prefers Quest’s controllers and hand tracking.

Zuckerberg is right in his own way, but I think Vision Pro's target audience is not the same as Quest's. Right now, it's probably more sensible to buy Meta's headset for games and creativity, but it seems to me we'll get a more competitive version of Apple's gadget one day.

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