See the First Apple Vision Pro Users Integrate the Headset Into Real Life

AR enthusiasts drive Cybertrucks and walk robotic dogs without taking off the headset, showing that the future is already here.

Apple's newest AR/VR headset, Apple Vision Pro, hit the shelves a few days ago, and thanks to its sleek and compact design, more suitable for activities beyond gaming, multiple Mixed Reality enthusiasts were able to integrate the gadget into their daily routines, showing that the future envisioned in the 28th season of The Simpsons is already here.

In less than a week, the Internet has been filled with countless examples of Apple Vision Pro's early adopters donning the headset in their everyday activities. Combining the gadget with the futuristic Tesla's Cybertruck, one user showed that we won't have to wait until 2077, or even 2049, for Cyberpunk to arrive:

Another user also tried to drive in augmented reality provided by Vision Pro, only to get stopped by the police, who don't seem too thrilled about drivers wearing what appears to be a blindfold:

This enthusiast from San Jose, California, seems to have already become proficient in utilizing Apple Maps on Vision Pro:

More dynamic activities can also be done in AR, as shown by this gym-goer who wore Apple Vision Pro while working on their chest and doing cardio:

The device has even made its presence known in the UK, with this Londoner illustrating that in 2024, you can take a dog for a walk without stepping out of the digital realm or, well, actually owning a dog:

And here are some more videos shared in the recent days:

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