The Elder Scrolls-Inspired Fantasy Medieval ARPG

Mortal Crux aims to bring back the early 2000s.

Go back in time with Mortal Crux, a fantasy ARPG from a solo developer Jesse Walker that will boost your nostalgia with its gameplay and environments inspired by Baldur's Gate, Diablo, The Witcher, Dragon's Dogma, and The Elder Scrolls. 

Image credit: Jesse Walker

"Mortal Crux is an action RPG set in a sprawling medieval world. Alone or with a party up to 4 players, venture from the warmth of your cozy cottage and explore a mysterious frozen land. Take on quests, meet eccentric characters, and survive brutal combat in this homage to ARPGs of the early 2000s."

The creator promises a nonlinear adventure full of battles with enemies both human and not so much. You will get hundreds of locations in this world featuring a day/night cycle, NPC schedules, weather, wildlife, and quest events along with an immersive atmosphere and full gamepad support.

Image credit: Jesse Walker

"Gameplay-wise the combat is very much action-oriented with mechanics you'd find in a Souls game, but from an aerial view. The interior system takes on an entirely separate set of influences, featuring cinematic fixed cameras reminiscent of the classic Resident Evil games. I wanted to give every room a more intimate feel while exploring, instead of keeping the camera zoomed out and toggling rooftops off like most top-down games tend to do," shared the developer.

Mortal Crux is still in development, but you can follow Walker's journey on X/Twitter to see how it's shaping out. Apart from fighting, he has worked on the game's lighting so the buildings' interiors look vibrant and cozy.

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