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Tutorial: Creating a Procedural Escalator in Houdini & Unreal Engine

Learn the basics and advanced techniques of procedural modeling in Houdini with this new tutorial by Radu Cius.

Lead Environment Artist at Riift Studio Radu Cius released a new enormous tutorial on creating a procedural escalator in Houdini and Unreal Engine. Over the course of 40 video chapters and 14 hours worth of lessons, the artist shared the entire procedural modeling workflow in Houdini and explained both fundamentals and advanced-level techniques.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to procedurally model the escalator elements, how to create vertex mask in Houdini for UE4 materials, how to add rig and export animated steps, how to add collision and assign UE4 materials, how to create procedural UVs, and much more. According to Radu, this tutorial is perfect for both beginners and advanced Houdini users.

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