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Ubisoft Introduced AI Tool Ghostwriter to Generate NPC Dialogues

It is supposed to help scriptwriters save time.

Ubisoft has unveiled Ghostwriter, an AI tool that generates the first draft of NPC "barks" – the phrases or sounds made by characters when players interact with the game world. It should help scriptwriters save time and create more realistic interactions by generating dialogue variations.

"Scriptwriters first create a character and a variable input, an event or situation for a character to experience. Ghostwriter can then generate new versions of the line depending on the mode selected. These modes vary in style depending on the needs of the scriptwriter."

The scriptwriter then selects the line to keep and can edit it. The machine learning model learns from each selection, making it a flexible and potentially powerful tool that can save a lot of effort.

Ubisoft wants to give AI power to narrative designers, "who will be able to eventually create their own AI system themselves, tailored to their own design needs." To do this, the team created a website called Ernestine, which allows anyone to create their own machine learning models used in Ghostwriter.

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  • Anonymous user

    The same way Square Enix keeps shoving out one mediocre, micro-transactions filled excuse of a game after another, Ubisoft also seems to not understand that MAYBE the quality of their content should get checked instead of how quickly they can cut corners.


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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