Untangle Unruly Cables & Organize Server Racks in This Relaxing Puzzle Game

Network Engineer Simulator lets you become a specialist for a day.

If you feel horrified when you see a knot of wires, then turn your gaze to Network Engineer Simulator – an upcoming game from Walrus Game Studio that offers you an unforgettable work experience.

Your job, predictably, is to make sure all the server racks are neat and organized, the cables are untangled, and the services are running as intended. This should be a relaxing puzzle game for those who are into putting things where they're supposed to be, although I imagine others might have a hard time keeping the cabinets orderly.  

Image credit: Walrus Game Studio

The game is developed with help from real network engineers and architects, according to Walrus Game Studio, so expect it to be realistically satisfying.

You can choose how to play: keep it simple by untangling cables or increase the difficulty and learn some basic functionalities of networking in another mode, juggling servers, switches, routers, and more.

Image credit: Walrus Game Studio

Network Engineer Simulator is an interesting blend of puzzle-solving and tech learning, still in development. There is no release date yet, but you can wishlist the game on Steam to keep up with the news.

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