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Artist Shows a New Embroidery Creation Workflow in Substance 3D

Cino Lai continues to experiment with digital embroidery, presenting a new approach to creating it.

Cino Lai, a 3D Material Artist and Technical Artist at the Adobe Substance 3D team, who last month demonstrated the power and capabilities of Substance 3D Sampler's Embroidery filter, continues to experiment with digital 3D embroidery, presenting a brand-new approach to creating it.

Employing a range of Substance 3D tools, including Painter, Designer, and Sampler, Cino's novel workflow leverages the tools from different programs, resulting in the appealing Koi material you can see above. According to the author, the combination of parametric textures, the Path tool, and the aforementioned Embroidery filter made the entire design creation process much simpler and more flexible. Additionally, Substance 3D Stager was used for rendering.

"The process reduces the complexity of Designer, Painter's Path helps me create a variety of rich details very easily, and Sampler also makes the creation of complex embroidery graphics so simple," Cino wrote on ArtStation. "Really like this workflow!"

Earlier, Cino also showcased a colorful embroidery material created with Substance 3D Designer, a collection of photorealistic baseball gloves, a beautiful stylized ivy-covered mech prop made entirely with Substance 3D software, and a Chinese-style embroidery shader, and joined 80 Level to discuss the workflow behind the Stylized Parametrized Forest project. You can check out all of these artworks and more by visiting Cino's ArtStation page.

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