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Game Director Allegedly Invites Developers for Mandatory Naked Sauna Sessions

It's wild.


The game development industry can be a weird place, but you rarely see stories as wild as this one. Spectrum Studios' creative director Jacek Piórkowski has baffled the world with the "naked sauna sessions" he reportedly requests from workers.

According to narrative designer and writer Aleksandra Wolna, who responded to Piórkowski offering work, his tastes for employees are rather questionable. 

"From what you said, you consider naked sauna sessions part of the work responsibilities in your studio. I told you that was a dealbreaker," said Wolna.

He replied: "You had a lot of time to prove me wrong. To write scene in sauna without being in sauna… Instead, we are wasting time on social media. My Narrative girls had to go to sauna with me to come up with amazing scripts for proof of concept."

He admitted that it's possible to do without going to such extremes, but he "absolutely adores" that they could use their "sauna experience" to write scenes.

This comment has been edited since, but there are screenshots to prove he actually said it.

And yes, the position of an art director at Spectrum does require them to attend sauna sessions for its "new groundbreaking game," "a mix of Life is Strange (Narrative), Final Fantasy (story, characters), Heart of Darkness (adventure levels with dog), The Turyst (exploration and questing) and THPS2 (tricks and specials)."

The main character is apparently a sauna master who will be in charge of performing in various saunas.

"We’re doing a game about Sauna Sessions. I don’t want to waste my time to explain what’s the difference between Ruska Bania or Dry Sauna. You have to feel it." He offered to "even organize female only event," Piórkowski commented (via Dexerto), although the message has been removed.

"Wetness level inside Bania or Steam one is around 90%. So, towel is extremely wet after few seconds. So, you can still do it, but it may result with fungal infection... You should be naked in Bania or Steam and with or without towel in dry one."

What a strange world we live in. Despite Piórkowski deleting all these incriminating comments, we will not soon forget this incident. It makes you wonder what else the studio would ask its employees to do next in order to "understand how things work" for a game.

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Comments 2

  • Kozyrev Kirill

    I completely agree with the previous comment. It's like making a game with statements regarding biology of human being without actually studying biology and being able to distinguish what is female oh wait...


    Kozyrev Kirill

    ·24 days ago·
  • Anonymous user

    sorry but he makes sense. not only does it prove immediately if someone is a team player or not, i believe the industry as a whole would be doing MUCH better if we didnt have people who have never been scuba diving (for example) making games about scuba diving.


    Anonymous user

    ·26 days ago·

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