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Hideo Kojima Shared How Raiden VS Gekko Fight Was Made in Metal Gear Solid 4

A lot of work for an epic battle.


Do you remember the flashy fight between Raiden and the Gekko in Metal Gear Solid 4? Now you can get a glimpse of how it was orchestrated by Hideo Kojima.

Kojima went to X/Twitter to show how complicated and probably time-consuming the task was considering the many steps the team had to go through. He first created a pre-visualization of Raiden and Gekko's movements, then talked to the action director to make them right, and finally recorded the stunts using motion capture on location. "The parts that could not be done with stunts were hand-captured and stitched together by hand," said the director.

Eventually, we got to witness a stylish action-packed battle we'll recall for a long time and perhaps even see anew one day considering the recent trend for remasters and remakes.

For now, we're waiting for Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, the remake of MGS3. Rumors say it will be out on November 17, the peak of game launches. The title will embrace a "modern style" but save some of its core elements

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