Island from Disney's Moana Ray Traced on Single AMD GPU

AMD presented an update to its ray tracing library.

Image credit: AMD

AMD has shared an image of Disney's Moana island scene rendered on a single AMD GPU. In this way, the company presented HIP RT v2.2, the latest version of its ray tracing library.

The scene is often used to test renderers as it includes "large amounts of geometry created through instancing as well as complex volumetric light transport." As noted by CG Channel, the data set runs to tens of billions of primitives.

AMD managed to render the island on the AMD Radeon PRO W7900 with 48GB VRAM using a fork of the PBRT rendering system ported to HIP and HIP RT.

Going back to HIP RT v2.2, AMD introduced support for multi-level instancing in this release, which "may reduce memory requirements significantly." 

"For instance, a single geometry representing an apple can be instantiated as a part of a tree, and the tree can be instantiated to form a forest. We can also organize scenes semantically: meshes are organized into objects, and the objects are organized into a scene. This feature is essential to render a large scene with limited amount of memory."

In addition, the company added compaction for geometries and scenes to achieve smaller memory footprint and optimized the construction speed.

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