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Lumberyard 1.18 Available

The new version of the engine brings over 150 new features, improvements, and fixes.

The new version of the engine from Amazon, Lumberyard Beta 1.18, brings over 150 new features, improvements, and fixes. Since the initial launch, the team has overhauled over 50% of the original code base, and that’s just a start.

First, the update improves Lumberyard’s support for PhysX, Nvidia’s proprietary real-time physics system, used in most contemporary 3D game engines. Lumberyard’s implementation is said to be based on the PhysX 3.4 API rather than the newest PhysX 4.0 API. The new PhysX gem allows users to set up dynamic and kinematic rigid body simulations, set up terrain and inter-object collisions, and more.

What is more, Lumberyard’s Animation Editor now supports PhysX-powered ragdoll behaviour for characters, and some other new features, like the support for actor LODs.

The team has also updated Lumberyard’s texture handling with a new Image Processing system which gives access to a new Texture Settings editor. You can now edit the processing options for individual textures.

You can also use a new Render to Texture component to render a scene from a specific camera view and output the result to a texture, which is useful for effects like rear-view mirrors in driving games.

You can learn all about the new version here.

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