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New Interactive Engine Makes Game Development Fun & Simple

Unbound is "a new way of crafting and playing games."

If you're tired of popular game engines like Unity, Blender, Unreal Engine, and Godot, take a look at Unbound – a "scalable volumetric engine" that promises to make game development fun and simple.

Described by its creators Florian Hoenig and Andrea Interguglielmi as "a new way of crafting and playing games," Unbound is a colorful tool that allows you to create cute procedural characters, objects, and much more in jut a couple of clicks. 

"From the moment we can walk and talk, we gather to invent games through the world around us – a stick becomes a sword, the floor is lava, this frisbee is now home base. We’re just sorta… born with an ability to invent play. At Unbound we aim to take that natural inventiveness into the digital medium and clayxels are just the building blocks to get us there."

As mentioned above, the engine uses clayxels from the Unity plug-in of the same name to let you enjoy interactive clay sculpting. You can blend simple shapes naturally to create more complex 3D objects and then just do it forever as they remember their component shapes.

Unbound is still in development and doesn't have some tools, but it's possible to export your projects to other engines to complete them there. You can ask for an early access version via Discord to help improve it and share your vision.

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