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RealityCapture 1.3 Is Now Available

It’s faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever.

Capturing Reality has released RealityCapture 1.3, the latest version of its photogrammetry software for creating 3D models out of photos. The developer promises that it’s faster, more efficient, and more accurate than ever.

The new release brings faster model reconstruction and texturing. Capturing Reality says that model reconstruction is now "up to twice as fast" and texturing is "up to three times faster" than in the previous release.

Image credit: Capturing Reality

One-click model generation has also been improved. Just press the Start button and enjoy the results: the workflow for generating cleaned, textured high-poly models and simplified low-poly models with baked diffuse and normal maps has been optimized "down to a single click."

Moreover, the company has introduced an experimental new mosaicing-based UV unwrap process, which should cut the number of UV islands, and mosaicing-based texturing, which uses one original source photo to generate the texture for each triangle on your mesh and assembles the pieces together to form the final texture.

Image credit: Capturing Reality

Additionally, you can now directly upload your models to Nira, a collaborative platform capable of rendering massive 3D assets in real time. There, you can edit RealityCapture models, optimizing and cleaning each element individually.

Other changes in this version include:

  • Axis and transformation adjustment on import model dialog
  • Updated resource cache behavior
  • Support for PLY model import
  • HEIC decoder metadata added
  • Added render mesh from custom position - CLI commands + reporting system functions
  • Added large triangle unwrap option to the level of detail export
  • Revision of Inspection tool

Image credit: Capturing Reality

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