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Unity 6 Will Bring Better Performance in 2024

Unity wants to maximize the use of CPU and GPU.

Unity 6 has been announced as a Long Term Support (LTS) version to come in 2024. The developer promises to introduce performance enhancements, accelerated multiplayer game creation, early access WebGPU support, and deeper XR device support.

Unity showed off some capabilities of the new version in Fantasy Kingdom in Unity 6, a stylized environment demo built around assets from Synty Studios. It demonstrates enhancements for rendering, lighting, and scaling "richer" worlds with performance improvements. 

"A major part of the demo is Adaptive Probe Volumes, which deliver more immersive, natural lighting scenarios. GPU Resident Drawer, GPU Occlusion Culling, and Spatial-Temporal Post-Processing (STP) unlock hardware-based optimizations and additional performance boosts."

With support for a WebGPU graphics backend, you'll be able to run your Unity games anywhere on the web, be it in a web view in native apps or inside a browser. Unity 6 will offer support for new rendering features and enable "next-level of graphics fidelity."

Unity aims to maximize the use of CPU and GPU, accelerate multiplayer game creation, and introduce "next-level" mobile features, innovative VR device support, and AI tools.

Unity 6 was announced during the Unite 2023 Keynote, where the developers also discussed Unity Cloud, the AI capabilities of Unity Muse and Unity Sentis, its partnership with Meta to bring Unity titles to Instant Games across Facebook and Messenger, and more.

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