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Unity Digest: Tools for Game Developers & Publishers

See 5 highlighted Unity tools for visual scripting, integration, building dialogue systems, and more. With the ongoing Cyber Week Mega Sale, the price of each product is cut in half.

Easy Mobile Pro

Easy Mobile plugin will come in handy if you're developing a mobile game and planning to release it to your audience. It will help you to implement game services and other most common features such as in-app purchasing, notifications, sharing, privacy tools according to GDPR, advertising, and more. Perfect for those publishers who try to avoid technical hurdles at any cost, it offers cross-platform API, leverages official SDKs, and has a straightforward editor to manage multiple things from one place. 

Some of the features:

  • One unified API for all ad networks, automatic ad loading, multiple ad placements
  • Game Center (iOS) and Google Play Game Services (Android) support
  • Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Mobile-friendly GIF encoder and Giphy upload API for sharing GIFs on social networks
  • Multiple stores supported: App Store, Google Play, Amazon Apps, etc.
  • Consumable, non-consumable & subscription products, local receipt validation
  • Fully-customizable local notifications, push notifications
  • User consent support (GDPR compliant), tools and resources to help with getting GDPR-compliant

Universal Device Preview

Universal Device Preview allows you to preview the games you're developing on any device from Apple iPhone 11 Pro to Nintendo Switch and Google Nexus 10. Assess the range of your target devices, check how your game looks on each of them and adjust if needed - as easy as that. To ease the process even more, the tool comes with several presets that take into account the properties of most popular devices and platforms, plus you can create your own custom presets. 

Some of the features:

  • Live preview
  • Large range of devices supported (check the full list here)
  • Device physical size simulation
  • Presets
  • Ability to capture the game embedded in a device
  • Safe area simulation and automatic adaptation - a feature that helps you to adapt the game to phones with notches

Steamworks Complete

Steamworks Complete is designed with care for publishers who want to get their games on Steam. The tool is based on Heathen's Systems Core (a powerful framework on which most of the publisher's tools are built) and Steamworks.NET and helps you to integrate Steamworks API in your game in compliance with Valve's architecture. See the online documentation to learn more.

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Some of the features:

  • Steam Game Server (Dedicated Steam Networking Servers)
  • Steam P2P Networking
  • Steamworks.NET (C# access to the full Steam API)
  • Steam Cloud (Remote Storage)
  • Steam Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Steam Overlay
  • Steam Lobby & Friend Chats
  • Steam Voice


Bolt is a visual scripting solution for Unity that enables game developers to easily prototype, establish gameplay mechanics and complex interactive systems without much coding. The tool has a few kits that can help you start the development of a game (5 genres are covered: First Person, Third Person, Point & Click, Platformer, Top-Down) and lots of killer features. It is compatible with all Unity platforms as well as directly accesses your codebase which allows you to use it with any scripts and plugins. 

Some of the features:

  • Flow/State Graphs
  • Live Editing (prototype the game while playing it)
  • Built-in Documentation
  • Nesting & Reusability (create macros)
  • Fuzzy Finder
  • Built-in save system
  • Seamless integration in the Unity interface

Dialogue System for Unity

The name of the Dialogue System tool for Unity speaks for itself. It's a time-proven solution for upgrading games with interactive dialogues, cutscenes, quest logs, and other elements. The tool has a node-based dialogue editor, several engine features for building conversations, quests, and relation systems, customizable UI skins, and complete C# source code for programmers. 

  • Visual node-based editor
  • Dynamic, branching conversation trees
  • Alerts
  • NPC status & relationship system
  • Language localization
  • Built-in support for Unity UI
  • Integration with various Unity plug-ins and tools

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