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3D Artist Imagines a Beautiful Female From the Bronze Era Caucasus

Dmitry Bezrodniy presented a new realistic full-body character model.

Dmitry Bezrodniy, a talented Character Artist who previously showcased Lilac, a 3D woman model inspired by Chukchi, and Atalanta, a Scythian female warrior, continues to imagine representations of women from various cultures and historical periods with a new stunning full-body character model.

This time, the creator presented Satanaya the Dolmen Keeper, a charming CG character inspired by the Koban archaeological culture of the Late Bronze Age of the Caucasus. To create Satanaya, the author employed Maya and ZBrush for modeling and sculpting, Substance 3D Painter for texturing, and Unreal Engine 5 for rendering, as well as Marvelous Designer to create the character's intricate attire and FiberShop to set up her hair.

True to form, Dmitry has also written a short background story for his new character:

"People who have lived in the Caucasus since ancient times noticed that the higher a person climbs into the mountains, the more strongly he feels the world of spirits and gods. This world promised to bestow many benefits and riches, but it could also kill. People have learned to create doors to the world of spirits inside their ancestral tombs – dolmens. But through these artificial paths, the world of spirits began to break through into the world of the living, and this is how the Guardians appeared, people who live on the border of the worlds and make sure that both worlds exist in harmony. Setanaya is one of them."

And here are some of Dmitry's earlier works, you can check out more by visiting the creator's ArtStation page:

And if you'd like to learn more about Dmitry and his character creation pipeline, we also recommend checking out our 2021 interview with the artist, who talked about the challenges of creating historically accurate, memorable characters for Hell Let Loose and described the process of designing every part of their look in ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Marmoset Toolbag, and Maya.

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