Teaching Various Production Workflows via YouTube

A popular YouTuber Anselem Nkoro a.k.a. askNK told us about his career path, talked about maintaining a YouTube channel that covers various software, and explained how to learn a new tool by using associations. 


Anselem Nkoro

Published on

Sep 13, 2021

Making a Stylized Cyberpunk Scene in Blender and UE4

Nathan Alderson discussed merging the Old with the New in the latest City at the Gates project, talked about blocking out the environment, and shared some thoughts on texturing in both Substance Painter and Designer.


Nathan Alderson

Published on

Sep 06, 2021

Creating Stylized Nidalee from LoL in ZBrush, Substance & Blender

Alex García Sandoval returned to tell us about the production process behind stylized Nidalee from the League of Legends and explain the importance of studying anatomy.


Alex García Sandoval

Published on

Sep 02, 2021

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