Realistic 3D Leopard Model Groomed in Houdini

Here's one more magnificent digital animal created by GV Prashanth.

3D Artist GV Prashanth continues the series of outstanding digital animals with yet another amazing beast that can hardly be distinguished from a real-life photo. This time, proceeding with wild felines, the artist presented a stunning 3D leopard model with ultra-realistic fur.

Much like for the previous project, the creature's model was made by Digital Sculptor and Modeler Burjis Shroff in Maya, with Prashanth being responsible for texturing and grooming. The grooming process took process in Houdini with the help of GroomBear, a useful toolkit that allows you to create and modify guides/cards in Houdini. To texture the model, the artist used Substance 3D Painter.

And here are some of the renders shared by the author:

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