Designing Soviet Era-Inspired Characters and Clothes

Shao Chen discussed the workflow behind the soldier models, inspired by the WW2 era, and their clothes, explained the transition from Props Artist to Character Artist, and talked about skills he's updated studying at Vertex School.


Shao Chen

Published on

Jan 17, 2022

Making an Armored Orc from World of Warcraft with ZBrush & Substance

Aaron Hunwick shared the workflow behind the Giantstalker project, inspired by the World of Warcraft universe, discussed the grooming process, and told us how to achieve a more dramatic look.


Aaron Hunwick

Published on

Dec 23, 2021

Relicts: Creating an Animated Horror Movie

The Director of the upcoming horror film Relicts Arkadiy Demchenko has told us about the production process behind the film, discussed character rigging, mocap, and hair creation, and talked about the hardships the team has to go through to deliver a fantastic result.


Arkadiy Demchenko

Published on

Nov 08, 2021

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