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The Temple: A Stunning Scene Made With UE5 & Photogrammetry

The level was created for Bali Twin, an MMORPG set in a digital copy of Bali.

3D Artist known as Inked Bombshell has recently unveiled The Temple, a breathtaking environment made for Bali Twin, an MMORPG set in a digital copy of Bali, Indonesia. Made by Ruslan Ragimov, Nika Romanenkova, Danil Ishutin, and Inked Bombshell, the scene is a thorough recreation of Pura Gede Luhur Batu Ngaus, a 17th-century Hindu temple located in Bali. According to the creators, the level was made using 3ds Max, Blender, Megascans assets, Unreal Engine 5, and Metashape for photogrammetry.

Moreover, the creators shared tons of behind-the-scenes materials, showcasing the production process behind the environment:

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