Tutorial: Creating Fluffy Stylized Pine Trees in Maya, ZBrush & Unreal

Victoria Zavhorodnia presented a new tutorial on creating stylized trees.

3D Environment Artist Victoria Zavhorodnia, a.k.a. akbutea, has shared a new tutorial on creating fluffy stylized pine trees that look like they were taken straight from a Zelda-style game. In this tutorial, Victoria shared the entire workflow behind her NPR conifer trees, demonstrated the working process inside Marmoset Toolbag, Substance 3D Painter, and Unreal Engine 4, and explained the nuances of using the billboard shader and creating trees canopy in Maya and ZBrush.

Back in July, the artist shared a similar tutorial on creating regular stylized trees using Unreal Engine and Tree It, an easy-to-use real-time 3D tree generator by EVOLVED. So, if you are interested in creating another type of forest, you can also check out the author's earlier tutorial by clicking this link.

If you are interested in stylized art, we also recommend checking out our most recent interview with Victoria, in which she showed the workflow behind the Violet House project, talked about making the vegetation, and explained how she achieved the painterly feeling in the render.

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