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How to Recreate Detailed Lantac LA-XR 15 ONYX Rifle in 3D

Eric Moreno shared a breakdown of his Lantac LA-XR 15 ONYX project, showing how he combined traditional modeling techniques with Booleans and explaining how he handled the rifle's roughness and metalness.

Eric Moreno

Jul 10, 2024

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Texture Weapon Grip Using Substance 3D Painter

Roman Shvaiko explained his working process behind the Magpul MOE grip, showing how he highlighted points of interest on the black object.

Roman Shvaiko

May 20, 2024

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Creating Hyperrealistic Wood Material for a Rifle in Substance 3D Painter

Ivan Popov walked us through the process of making a wood material for a rifle, showed the texturing steps, and explained the rendering process that would make the result look realistic. 

Ivan Popov

Jun 21, 2023

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Creating an Intricate Gun Design in 3ds Max and ZBrush

3D Environment and Prop Artist Rayhan Sharif shared his process of designing a Smith & Wesson revolver, delving into the steps involved in modeling and texturing the prop in 3ds Max, ZBrush, and Substance 3D Painter.

Rayhan Sharif

Jun 05, 2023

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Creating Hyperrealistic Wood Material for Weapons in Substance 3D Painter

David Oroian, Weapons & Hard Surface Artist at AMC Ro Studio, walked us through the process of making a wood material for a rifle, showed the steps of color correction, and explained how he adds personality to the textures to make the result realistic.

David Oroian

Mar 17, 2023

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Creating Weapons for a Mobile Game in ZBrush & Marmoset Toolbag

Oleksandra Sokol has shared the working process behind the props made for World War 2: Battle Combat and gave some tips for beginner artists.

Oleksandra Sokol

Nov 22, 2022

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Recreating a Gold-Inlaid Revolver in 3ds Max & Substance 3D Painter

Maria Savelyeva talks about the workflow behind the Gold-Inlaid Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver project, shares how the intricate engravings were made, and discusses the texturing process.

Maria Savelyeva

Oct 17, 2022

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Creating an Aiming Laser with Narrative Texturing

Dmytro Mykhailyk talked about the workflow behind the DBAL-A2 Project, shared the narrative texturing process, and explained the rules of creating an object's story.

Dmytro Mykhailyk

Jul 07, 2022

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Creating Weapons for Cyberpunk 2077

Csaba Szilagyi talked about creating weapons and vehicles for Cyberpunk 2077, discussed the workflow, and shared a piece of advice with aspiring Props Artists.

Csaba Szilagyi

Apr 14, 2021

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