Maxon Cinema 4D Will Support M1-Powered Macs

Cinema 4D is the first professional 3D animation package available for M1-powered Macs.

Maxon revealed that Cinema 4D will be available for the new M1-powered Macs when they launch. The team noted that Cinema 4D is the very first professional 3D animation tool available for the new Macs. 

Maxon has been supporting Apple innovations for two decades, including being the first to offer multiprocessing on the Mac, the first to support Mac OS X, the first to run on Intel Macs, the first to support 64-bit on a Mac. They are now the first to work with the new MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini powered by M1. 

"Apple has a knack for developing groundbreaking technologies and M1 is no exception," said David McGavran, Maxon CEO. "The new systems deliver industry-leading speed and power, with high-performance GPUs. For a 3D artist, these speed and efficiency gains will be invaluable to the creative process. Cinema 4D running on M1 will deliver a world-class workflow experience." 

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  • Anonymous user

    Great news, but what about RedShift? Hardly anyone in production these days uses c4d without it.


    Anonymous user

    ·10 months ago·

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