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Christopher Walken as MGS's Solid Snake Made in 3D

Bryan Soegondo and Yusuf Zaimoglu presented their take on the Metal Gear Solid character.

Gloria Levine

May 20, 2024

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Check Out a Realistic Take on the Powerpuff Girls' Mojo Jojo

One of Cartoon Network's most iconic villains has been reimagined in 3D by Simon Sarmiento.

Theodore McKenzie

May 17, 2024

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Breaking Bad Fan Envisions a Trailer For a Fictional BrBa Game

The Last Batch, a jaw-dropping cinematic from Piotr Tatar, exemplifies why the Breaking Bad fanbase is so adored.

Theodore McKenzie

May 09, 2024

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Learn to Model & Texture a Detailed Leather Belt Bag

Vladyslava Fomenko showed her work on the intricate leather belt bag, explained how she created the pattern, and shared the main rule of texturing.

Vladyslava Fomenko

May 07, 2024

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Recreating Girl with a Pearl Earring With ZBrush & Mari

Karim Hassanein has talked to us about his unusual take on Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring featuring Egyptian actress Menna sculpted with ZBrush, explained the texturing workflow in Foundry's Mari and rendering setup in Arnold, and shared valuable advice for beginner character artists.

Karim Hassanein

May 06, 2024

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Jaw-Dropping Stop-Motion Animation That Isn't Stop Motion At All

3D Artist Mousey fools the internet once again with a new fantastic project.

Theodore McKenzie

May 03, 2024

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Explore Dozens of Inticate Details in This Mesmerizing 3D Scene

See if you can find all of them!

Theodore McKenzie

May 02, 2024

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How to Create a Battle-Scarred Girl with a Katana in Blender

Kirill Rybachok has shared with us the creation process of the Girl with Katana. This project marks his first attempt at using GeoNodes to create hair, which yielded excellent results.

Kirill Rybachok

May 01, 2024

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Check Out These Sci-Fi 3D Characters With Awesome Stylized Shaders

Calder Moore's Searcher collection is truly a marvel to behold.

Theodore McKenzie

May 01, 2024

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