Battlefield 2042 Has Been Revealed

Four unique classes, 7 maps with different weather conditions, the ability to fly, and more.

The new installment of the Battlefield franchise – Battlefield 2042 – has been revealed to the public. The reveal trailer posted on June 9th sheds some light on the upcoming game and its features.

The main plot of the game covers a confrontation between Russia and the USA. Players will be able to enjoy the game on 7 different maps, with each of them having its own and unique weather conditions. Some of the fights will take place on the streets of Seoul and Egypt.

During the battles, you will be able to summon a robot-dog as a support, use a grappling hook, and even fly using a wingsuit. 

The weapon customization menu has also reportedly been updated. Now it is possible to change the specs of your weapons during the battle, without exiting the gaming session. The weapons will be spread across 4 different classes. Each of them has their own unique abilities that would fit different playstyles.

The gameplay trailer is announced to be released on June 13, 2021. We will keep you updated.

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