Substance 3D Painter Version 7.4 Released

The update brings a number of new features, simplifies color management, and more.

Following the release of Substance 3D Designer's new version and the reveal of Substance 3D Modeler, Adobe has also revealed Substance 3D Painter 7.4, a new version of their texturing software that greatly improves color management and brings a lot of new features.

The highlight of the update is the added support of the OpenColorIO-based color management system, which allows you to ensure consistent and high-fidelity color appearance across applications throughout your 3D pipeline. This update brings a big change to how Painter handles color information. Previously, information on how Painter interpreted your project’s color data was lost once textures were exported – meaning that it was possible, for instance, for your greens or reds to change appearance as your project passed from app to app. Now, this information is stored in a file within your project (‘config.ocio’), which can be modified at any time.

Painter’s color picker now also incorporates color management, in the same way, that was previously implemented in the winter 2019 release of Substance 3D Designer.

What's more, the new version of Substance 3D Painter allows you to undock your 2D or 3D viewport, switching between views in this undocked space if needed, brings an improvement to Painter’s auto UV unwrapping function, allowing you to avoid elongated islands, and includes 11 new Grunge Maps by Senior 3D Environment Artist at FastTrack Studio Emiel Sleegers.

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