The Lord of the Rings' Elendil Made in Maya & ZBrush

The model was created to be 3D printed for Wētā Workshop Collectibles.

Digital Sculptor Fabio Paiva has shown the details of The Lord of the Rings' Elendil model created in Maya and ZBrush. The work was then 3D printed to be sold as part of Wētā Workshop Collectibles. 

Paiva says just sculpting and print preparation took about 300 hours, and there were almost 50 separate pieces to be 3D printed, cleaned, molded, cast, cleaned again, painted, assembled, and photographed. 

The model shows King Elendil as he appears in the Battle of the Last Alliance. It is designed to be displayed with the companion piece depicting Sauron.

"I faced numerous difficulties with Elendil's sculpture in terms of details and overall feeling, especially considering that it will coexist with Sauron. Working on Sauron first gave me the assurance that I could accomplish the same for Elendil, and I believe both pieces now demonstrate the incredible work that everyone put into them."

Here are more works from Fabio Paiva, which you can find on ArtStation:

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